Get your ads in front of more people online.

With News Concierge you’ll be promoting your business online in minutes. You’ll reach more people as they browse online, watch YouTube videos, check their Gmail and while they use apps. It’s easier than you think.

News Xtend

Website banner ads, YouTube ads & Gmail ads, created effortlessly.

With News Concierge you can create & book your display campaigns using any device, anytime.

Making your ads look great on any device
Visual ad builder

You create one display ad, we'll do some magic & create hundreds more.

We'll guide you through the ad creation process as you create stunning display ads in just a few steps.

Making your ads look great on any device
Automating ad creation

Your ads will look perfect on every device

With our visual ad builder, your display ads are optimised and will look great on every device. You can always preview 5 ad types before moving on to targeting.

Sophisticated targeting - mobile
Precise targeting, powered by you

Reach people locally or globally

Our powerful ad technology lets you choose the people that see your ads. Yes, you can be very precise with who you target.

Are you wondering how precise you can get with your targeting?

Here's a few things you can target based on:

Geographic locations

Language (multiple)

Age range


Parental status

Household income

Google Play Store Apps

Apple Store Apps

Windows Phone Apps

Exclude certain audiences

Exclude sensitive content

Exclude content types

Simple, straight forward pricing.

Choose the option that's right for you.


$750*incl. GST

Size up and stand out from the crowd

  • Digital display ads on desktop & mobile
  • Ads on popular websites, YouTube, Gmail & apps based on your targeting criteria**
  • 100,000 impressions
  • Run your ad campaign for 30, 60 or 90 days
  • *Payment must be made by debit and credit card.
  • **Actual ad placements may vary based on your creative and targeting criteria.
  • Impressions are a guide only. Actual results may vary based on targeting criteria

Frequently asked questions

How do I schedule my digital display ad campaigns?

Yes, during the scheduling step you will be prompted to select a start date and duration for your advertising campaign.

Can I get some assistance creating my ad campaigns?

Yes. Our Digital Marketing Support team can assist you during office hours. To get assistance with building your creative or booking your campaign, you can reach the Digital Marketing Support team on 1300 367 075.

Do I need to register to place an ad?

Yes. Registration is free and takes only a few seconds. You will be asked to Register when you select one of the offers above.

Can I edit my digital display ads once they are booked?

Yes, you have the ability to edit your digital display up until the deadline for the respective newspapers your notice is being published in. Changes to notices cannot be made after the deadline has passed.

How will people see my ad(s)?

On PCs, tablets and smartphones, people that match your targeting criteria may see your ads. Your ads may appear when people are browsing popular websites, watching YouTube videos, checking their Gmail or using Apps.

Can I cancel my digital ad?

Yes. You can cancel your order and any digital ad(s) in it. Note, When you cancel your order, you will get a full refund for any digital ads that have not already been published, and for any digital ads that have not already passed their publishing deadline. That is, you only pay for the ad(s) we have published.

To cancel your ad, firstly login to MyAccount. Next, select 'My Orders', select your order and then select 'Cancel order'. This will automatically calculate and trigger your refund.

Alternatively, you can contact the News Concierge Support team on 13 11 13 to cancel your order.